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The CEETec bring to its tenants’ proximity to the metropolitan area (San Juan) and easy access to most of the island thru its main highways.


The facilities have a receptionist that is responsible for the coordination of shared spaces (conference rooms), welcome visitors and canalize the needs of the tenants.


Our tenants have access to seminars/ courses/ learning experiences (most free of charge), participate in networking activities.


The premises have multiple checkpoints for extra security.


Trough INOVA the tenants receive mentoring in all aspects of managing a business.


Our tenants receive support from INTECO and the advisory board.

Our Tenants

First Floor

Ruben Ayala Ortiz, Esq., LLM- President

Bay 1A is the leading company in the processing of permits, trademarks and commercial licenses. We have many services that are managed using an online platform so that our customers can always be connected to all cases and from anywhere in the world. Our philosophy is clear; Each client is unique and understands what his office, company or organization represents for him.

Bay 1B


AgroInnova by Corporación Juvenil Para el Desarrollo de Comunidades Sostenibles- is a state and federally certified non-profit corporation created in 2012. We are dedicated to promoting the development of businesses in agriculture and value-added products through incubation in our demonstration farm, incubator of points of sale and manufacturing plant where more than 50 products are produced with our licenses and permits. In addition, it is our commitment to prioritize food security with a focus on a green economy.

Ana G Rodriguez -Executive Director
eye, iris, biometrics
Lawrence Owen

Bay 2B

Integrated Security Services

Integrated Security Services is a company dedicated to provide customized security services such as: surveillance equipment (cameras), intercom, sensors, etc.

Bay 3A

Beryllium Corporation

Beryllium Corporation offers a digital transformation product, we named it Be-XConnect, which works like a bridge between legacy devices and digital and IoT platforms. We help organizations, large or small, fully integrate their devices with digital platforms without having to incur in large investments of capital in replacing their legacy devices.

Exporting: Have various clients in the US

Jorge Normandia - CEO
Ismael Nieves -President
Mobile: 787-586-3990

Bay 3B y Bay 3C


PowerTEK Corporation is an Advanced Technology Contractor that offers a vast of specific and unique service alternatives in the marketplace of maintenance, repairs and certification to Battery Systems ranging from but not limited to UPS Systems to Switch Gear Battery Banks to Solar and Traction (Forklift) Batteries. This is achieved by combining these services with an applications design, consulting, sales and technical staff.

Bay 4B


Larsen is a manufacturing company (family owned) that produces wall hangers for all types of wall. They have a unique line of wall hooks and picture hangers made from recycled plastic, rubber and hardened-steel. It’s the easiest (you only need a hammer), sturdiest and most reliable wall hanging solution in the market.

Sylvia Roldán - Owner

Second Floor

Edgardo Alejandro -President

Office 202


IOTEK is a solution developers’ company. Work in the development of new technologies using knowledge in software and hardware in order to interconnect the world with IoT solutions. 

Office 203

PGI Insurance & Risk Services

PGI Insurance & Risk Services, Inc. is an insurance brokerage firm. We provide insurance brokerage and consulting services to thousands of satisfied customers. We offer a selection of insurance products and services combined with exceptional knowledge in a variety of industries, including property, casualty, benefits, personal lines, and life insurance products regulated by the Insurance Commissioner Office.

Pedro González Iglesias, CISR - President
Janet Perez - President

Office 204

Professional Pharma Solutions

Professional Pharma Solutions LLC is a Puerto Rican owned company that specializes in the areas of Regulatory Compliance Services and Validations to the FDA Regulated Manufacturing Industries. Developed guidelines for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company Reaction to a Consent Decree emitted by the FDA. PPS is engaged with the client to comply and assure an accurate, timely, well organized, and cost-effective work and to solve the problems that our clients face in a daily basis, short- & long-term projects. PPS strives to build business relations based on trust, honesty, integrity, and the quality of our work. WE BRING SOLUTIONS FROM START TO END.

Office 206


Durman Esquivel offers a broad and innovative portfolio of plastic systems and accessories for the conduction of fluids and energy. Durman is a multinational company with presence in Latin America

Eddie Fenollal – General Manager PR
Verónica Pagán – President

Office 207-208


UVE is a creative studio in Puerto Rico since 2009. We are a team of people passionate about design with extensive experience in different areas of image, creative direction, art direction and communication. Our specialty is the development of brands as well as their languages and visual worlds.

Office 210

The Growth Coach

At The Growth Coach we offer the support you need to grow your business. Through our programs and services, we can assist you to develop your team, strengthen the culture of service and quality, strengthen relationships between work teams, take your leaders to the next level and increase your customers and sales with our business coaching programs.

Gamaliel Malavé Carolin Lozada
Karol Ayala Carolin Lozada

Office 211


We are the Human Resources team that help business maximize the potential of their people and company. We take care of implementing the talent and service strategy while reducing the compliance related risks. Manuals, forms, files, processes and expert consulting. The result is an organization focused on results, free of dramas and with a culture of growth and Service. The Best Talent @ Best Workplace.

Office 212

Steps Consulting Group

Steps Consulting Group is a company based in Puerto Rico and is the company in charge of the development of the project platform De Una. The company operates a platform for business promotion and customer loyalty tools aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Its core is the Apps: De Una, De Una Affiliates, One Marketing and the Cuponex system. Our project, created in Puerto Rico, is currently developing the markets of Puerto Rico, Florida, Connecticut and Bogotá, Colombia.

Lcdo. Gavino Rivera
Alexandra Ortiz- Sales Operations Manager

Office 215


CaribeTrack Corp. was founded in 2007 and incorporated in 2008. It is one of the main fleet monitoring company in Puerto Rico, with the distinction of owning and developing 100% of the monitoring software (web based). The software is capable not only of manage fleet security but to generate a variety of reports that could help the decision process more efficient. 

Office 216

Sierra Manufacturing Corp.

Sierra Manufacturing Corp. is a family owned company that was established to serve the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry.  We specialize in custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the commercial and pharmaceutical market while focusing on achieving maximum efficiency using the latest technology for refrigeration equipment and proprietary control systems.  Our vast experience enables us to work with our client step by step from the initial design of their structural, mechanical and control systems, through the maintenance and monitoring phases to follow. 

Gilberto A. Sierra, Jr. - President

Virtual Incubees

Víctor R. Lanza Amaral – President

Lanza Software

Lanza Software is a company dedicated to the development of applications, covering the administrative and operational needs of the business client.

Exporting: Currently with clients in Costa Rica, Panamá and Guatemala. Interest in Dominican Republic, Colombia and México.

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